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  The member who passes through the turnstile sees the remaining days and learns the balance on his card.

  If the turnstile does not allow passage due to an obstacle, for whatever reason, it will send a warning to your member.
  You can create the package you want, with or without prepaid.
  You can set the entrance between the hours and hours you want.
  Weekend entry and exit blocking option
  It can distinguish between day and night or timed members.
  The ability to distinguish between male and female members and to separate entry and exit times.
  During the transition, it shows the athlete's information such as remaining days, balance.


Why Basel Software?



Course selection








end of day output


Makes Monthly Analysis of Your Business


We produce a great solution for our Pilates studios in economical ways. We are changing the concept of time for your special members. Your member feels different. Thanks to our software, your members reach you when they need to arrive, and they do their sports with you. You guys just focus on your workouts. It not only checks the payment of your members, but also makes the schedule. Don't forget to call us. 

• Fast sales and member registration
• Different and detailed member tracking,
• Individual and Group Session Package preparation,
• Staff work schedule
• Instructor identification screens
• Reservation screen with gift, demo and package drop feature,
• Reminder with automatic SMS before the session,
• Creating a periodic price list,
• Ability to use touch screen
• Detailed follow-up of members' sessions (finished, ongoing, remaining),
• Reports where you can follow the performance of your business,
• The most common course, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. course sales reports,
• Reminders of importance such as members' birthdays and measurements,
• Daily reminders about the session services sold on the main screen 


Class  and Adjust Sessions easily


With reports that you can't see anywhere else, the efficiency of your aquaparks, the profitability of your working hours and wages, you can present both numerical and visual and you can easily see what you need to do for your income. Pool access systems.

Apart from providing great convenience in terms of how to address the necessary personnel by separating the entrance and exit, protocol and authorization in the pools and halls of our municipalities, it can easily inform the return in the list of health and things to be reached with the data of the people with a single click. Municipal sports complexes transition software.


It is a software that can be used professionally in all pool and aquapark pools, olympic pools and competition entries. It meets all the needs of a complete complex with pool software modules. Happy customers leave.

It is our series with incredible modules developed for university pools, fitness centers and women's activity centers of our municipalities, pools aquaparks, hotel spas, aquaparks and fitness centers.

Apart from creating many packages in the pools of universities, creating hundreds of packages such as course sections, hours, family packages, it can easily distinguish between hours, gender and class.  University pool access systems.

Rapid transit turnstiles

702RN1-VER-1A (1).jpg

All kinds of solutions we have designed for you  except our software  Your hall is stronger with the best turnstile entry systems suitable for your business and halls.

Transitions are easier with Basel Qr

cardless pass just download the app
QR code to your camera
scan and  pass


Compliant with thenew Personal Data Protection Law,

secure and prestigiousMobile Access Control system

Download the application from your smartphone and  You can pass without a card.

Thanks to your mobile phone's camera  input output.  With the prepaid system, we offer users a faster solution to the balance. Always the best and the newest.  


Click the Google Play button for Android devices, for Apple devices

app Click on the Store button you can download.

BASEL campus

Our user interfaces are personal. Each user opens the system with an interface suitable for his/her authority, and the reception sees the member registration screen. The instructor sees the lecture sessions and the students who are interested in himself. SKS office sees the pre-accounting information and business summary reports.

 Membership Management

 (Club or summer school) membership tracking

 Bundle Sale
 Training and Trainer Plan
 Lesson and session control
 Facility Planning and Management Customer relationshipmanagement Rental Special event management  Payment tracking
 Equipment tracking
 Front desk check-in
 Access control
 Photo access control (1).png

BASEL municipality

We can make a different contribution to the understanding of our municipality with the messages of our mayor. We don't just sell software, we offer you the opportunity to have a happy and understandable municipality.

In card and tracking systems, we can divide every member that our municipalities allow as hours, men, women, children, families, and limit the transition opportunities between them. From the controlled system, we can restrict the female member during the male transit time and provide the entrance and exit facility with the security we want.

If you want credit, virtual money or transit rights in card units, you can not only fill it in the facility, but also provide this process at a cashier of your municipality.

Basel Gym Mobile is the power you need

personal tracking
special for you
health status analysis

BASEL gym mobile

All screens in our BASEL Mobile applications are designed plain and simple. You can reach the desired information in the easiest and simplest way.

You can position it as a mobile application in the Playstore or Apple Store with your unique facility name, with the BASEL Mobile infrastructure, without paying thousands of dollars.

No more papers-cardboards. With BASEL Mobile, your members will be able to follow the sports programs you have prepared specially for them on their phones and mark the movement when they do it.

In the system that works instantly integrated with BASEL; your trainers will be able to follow the people whose programs have finished and renew their programs.

If you want, you can publish your application with your own hall name using the BASEL Mobile infrastructure and create all the information on your behalf such as phone address etc. It not only provides convenience to your living room, but also provides great prestige. (3).png

Click the Google Play button for Android devices, for Apple devices

app Click on the Store button you can download.

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