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we are different

As Basel software family, we always follow the innovations. We bring you the best up-to-date technology.  The solution is not over with us. We will come up with a solution above what you want as soon as possible. We present to you the reality of your wishes, not the possibility. Our most important difference is security. We entrust your information to you, keep it in your equipment, and protect it with our own security. All the software we make is written according to legal practices and does not expose you to any illegal action in any respect. 

İş arkadaşları planı çalışması


In 2010, two valuable companies that produced solutions in the IT sector.  We started the service together with a friend. As the years progressed, we realized the shortcomings of professionalization in every sector. making a radical decision  We have decided to be the best software company in the world only in the field of sports. That's when our adventure began. We partnered with many of our software engineer friends to become Turkey's domestically funded program used in the world. Everyone could make software, but our principles and dreams have brought us to the successful position we are in by pushing us to meet you and contribute to you.

11 Years
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